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The Student Funnel Course

An online course to help you get more language students

Starting a business can be overwhelming

This course is perfect for you if...

  • You have few students and no promising leads

  • Your revenue has slowed down (or worse stopped)

  • You've wasted time chasing ideas that don’t yield results 

  • You've guessed instead of followed a process

  • You've given up and your investment in becoming certified to teach has gone to waste.

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How it works




Get access to the course

Learn the 7-part student funnel framework

Get more students and grow your business

What is poor DIY marketing costing you? 

If you’ve got a great product or service, but sales and leads just aren’t where you want them to be, there’s good news and bad news. The bad news? Your DIY marketing is not as effective as you think and as a result you are experiencing an empty inbox, a bare calendar, no sales and unused resources. There’s nothing wrong with doing it yourself. Most small business owners do everything themselves, until they earn enough to outsource. So until then it’s pretty common to become a Jack (or Jill) of all trades and do it yourself. ⁠But you know how the saying goes… Jack of all trades, master of none. Most DIY marketers get generalised knowledge from free content they’ve found online and implement it using free softwares…nothing bad about that (many successful brands started like this) but not what we’d call a ‘master’ or skilled person that gets results. Some fields require specialist expertise to truly see results. Marketing is one of them. So where can one go to get specialised expertise on marketing specifically for language educators. Well that’s the good news? It’s this course right here! With your great product or service and our specialist expertise on attracting and converting, you will get more students!

Here’s what you’ll learn

Learn 7 marketing strategies that will attract language learners and convert them into paying students. ​

See how the strategies has been used by other language education brands.​

Become business ready for the influx of students that are about to come your way.​​

Put your business on autopilot


You don’t need to have a “knack” for marketing. 

You don’t need to be a good planner, writer or designer. 

Just follow the framework taught in this course.

What will you get?

20 value packed videos ​

A downloadable workbook with templates for you to apply what you learn

Assessments to measure your progress

A gamified learning approach to make learning fun! 

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