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We are a multilingual digital marketing agency specialising in marketing language education brands to students

I've walked in your shoes

Our journey begins with a shared experience. A deep passion for languages. I study languages, I teach languages and I coach learners on how they can learn languages more efficiently. Over the years, I've learned that every student has a unique learning style and specific needs, requiring tailored resources to achieve fluency. 


However, many brands that provide these resources are drowned out by larger, well known companies that offer a generic method to language learning. My brand included.

In 2019, I founded 'MOLAED' with the vision of offering a modern approach to language learning. I dedicated countless hours to designing the website, creating engaging social media content, and developing worksheets and courses to support language learners. I invested money in advertisements, a virtual assistant and Fiverr freelancers. I waited and waited and waited. The results of my blood, sweat and tears were rewarded with....



I was devastated. Everything I did failed. Everything I put in was wasted.

After picking myself up off the floor literally, I went on a mission to find out what went wrong.

To name a few of my findings:

  • My branding was off - for starters the name was unpronounceable!

  • I didn't offer my target audience what they needed.

  • I made content that I wanted to, based on my own passions, rather than my target audience's pain points.

  • I was inconsistent with my social media efforts, from posting to interacting with others. 

  • I had no knowledge of SEO and how to ensure my website is seen first on Google

  • I didn't use email marketing - which is said to have the highest ROI in marketing

  • and I invested money in ads knowing the bare minimum about how to do it right


I could go on. But the point is I identified that marketing my brand was the issue. 

Marketing is one of the most important factors of running a business. While finance, customer service and the product itself are crucial without effective marketing there's no customers, no revenue and the products just sit there. So I learnt everything I could about marketing. In fact I still am, one never stops learning in the world of marketing as it's constantly changing. 

Using my new skill set I rebranded. I honed in on my niche, I crafted a compelling message and I began sharing it the right way with multilingual digital marketing strategies. 


As I mentioned earlier, numerous language education brands face the same challenge of being overshadowed by larger competitors. This inspired me to create Lingua Marketing. A multilingual digital marketing agency that empowers language education brands that find themselves in the same position I did. These were the ones with:

  • minimal or zero online presence,

  • lacking promising leads,

  • struggling to spare time for consistent marketing efforts,

  • and possessing limited to no knowledge of digital marketing strategies.

My mission is to elevate these brands above the noise, enabling them to shine as authoritative and genuine educational providers that language learners can connect with and come to love.


My purpose is to bridge the gap between educators and learners. By supporting educators in marketing their businesses I'm simultaneously assisting learners in succeeding on their language journey.


I'm not just helping these brands stand out; I'm fostering an environment where educators thrive and learners flourish, ultimately creating a harmonious synergy in the world of language education.


Meet Renée 

Managing Director

Renée, is a passionate linguist with a love for helping others and uses digital marketing as a means to do so. 


In addition to her role as a Managing Director, Renée dedicates herself to empowering language learners. As a language coach, she supports learners in developing consistency, resilience, and motivation. 

Renée's multifaceted talents, natural leadership and unwavering dedication to language education, make her a truly inspiring leader and mentor within our organisation.


Our approach

Work smarter, not harder.

  • We use agile methodologies to make sure projects stay on track and are completed efficiently. 

  • We utilise technology to its fullest potential. 

  • We incorporate the use of AI into our strategies to help maximise the ROI of our clients’ campaigns.

  • We stay on top of the latest trends to stay ahead of the curve and provide our clients with relevant and timely solutions.

Our core values

Client focus

We are focused on our clients’ needs, and strive to provide solutions that exceed their expectations.


We are committed to being honest, transparent, and ethical in all of our transactions, and engagements.


We strive to provide the highest quality of service and solutions, to our clients ensuring their success.

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