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If your marketing is not done right, you won’t get any students. Period. 

It has become near-impossible for language educators to effectively cut through the noise of larger brands to reach learners, something Renée Arinzé knows first-hand.

In her book Building a Student Funnel, she shares the proven system she has created to help you attract learners and convert them into your students.

Want more students?

Just like mastering a new language involves a systematic approach, effective marketing for language education brands follows a similar method through a sales funnel strategy


...or as we like to call it The Student Funnel.


This is the journey potential customers go through on the way to purchase a product or a service. 


The Student Funnel

The Student Funnel is a proven method to get more students.


In this book, Renée teaches you seven digital marketing strategies to transform your business and get more students. 


Without these strategies in place, you will find that your DIY marketing efforts yield no results.


Can you relate?

The Student Funnel has helped educators with:

  • being overshadowed by larger competitors

  • having minimal or zero online presence,

  • lacking promising leads,

  • struggling to spare time for consistent marketing,

  • possessing limited knowledge of digital marketing.

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This book is for you

Building a Student Funnel has helped educators like you

  • be seen, heard and loved

  • develop an online presence

  • have a waiting list of students eager to learn 

  • get back time to use on what you do best


Whether you are just starting out or you’ve been in business for a while, Building a Student Funnel is the answer to the No.1 question educators ask. How to get more students?

You will learn...

How to create a brand message that resonates with learners' desires and challenges.

How to design a brand that pique interest and create a memorable first impression.

How to create engaging content that provides value, and showcases your expertise.

How to develop a website thats intuitive, informative, and user-friendly.

How to generate leads with a lead magnet in the form of a free trial lesson, an e-book or access to a webinar.

How to craft nurturing emails that build a stronger relationship with potential students. 

How to execute a sales email campaign that converts interested leads into enrolled students 

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